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Here’s what some of our participants had to say about our Business Growth Mastermind with the Craft Alliance in 2020.


“Participating in the mastermind is critical for my business’s growth in 2020 and 2021. Exploring the focus in each workshop with Judith and other business owners opened me to receive help and made me aware of how I might be limiting myself, making it easier to see different ways of working. During the sessions I reorganized physical working and storage space, shipping and inventory, and became clear on my leadership. With the tools and techniques Judith shared, I have the systems and foundation in place as I just landed a deal with Sobeys for my products.”

Joyce Adom, Simply Go Natural Cosmetics


“Participating in the mastermind was an exceedingly valuable experience and helped me to reframe myself as a business leader. Judith provided us with many tips and tools on systems to help us manage our businesses with respect to keeping track of new opportunities, sales and managing our clients needs and so much more. The Master Class changed me for the better. It gave me permission to dare again!”

Barbara Christina, Masters Dental Lab 


“Being an entrepreneur can often be an isolating experience. Judith really helped to break down my preconceived notions about my business and myself, to get to the true core of my goals and why I do what I do. Meeting with the group every week gave me a safe space to talk with other business owners about the challenges we all collectively face. And through the Individual business coaching sessions I am more strategic and critical about my focused mindset and productivity.”

Josie Clark, Josephine Clarke Textiles


“Judith is a true leader and she is well versed in her fields of expertise. Her positive attitude in leading a group of entrepreneurs is contagious. Her innate ability to recognize the areas that require work for successful growth is remarkable. For me, the mastermind and individual sessions have increased my confidence in my business skills, improving how I show up each day in the evolving world of business. Judith always encourages her clients to, ‘Stay open to the magic.’ My personal and professional experience with Judith, she continued to show up with the ‘Magic’ for each class.”

Tabitha Co, Founder of TABITHA + CO™


“Working with Judith has been an encouraging and uplifting experience. 2020 came with many challenges for small businesses, mine included, and her support helped guide me into reframing and refocusing on making the next steps great ones. Judith’s organization and systems helped me to see ways I could be “work smarter, not harder” in my day to day operations, and make way for magic in the big dreams, small goals and everything in between. Judith helped me to reframe problems, give myself credit and celebrate wins each time we connected. She reminded me to believe in myself and the products I give to my clients and offered support in a myriad of concrete and intangible ways. I benefited from her coaching and would recommend to other business owners.”

Heather Crosby Gionet, This is Photography/Living Your Awesome Life


“Before the mastermind group, I said I am an artist trying to sell my work. Now – after strategic business conversations – I am a business woman who sells her art – sells her craft. Through the group Zoom sessions and individual sessions with Judith, I made changes in accounting information flow to inform decisions, developed strategy and system for qualifying wholesale clients, streamlined order fulfillment and shipping systems, worked on mindset and trusting my instincts, all during a stressful time.  The focus on business was invaluable for me and feels different – feels empowering and I see more success in my business side while connecting with others through my art.”

Shauna MacLeod, Black Crow Pottery