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Project Description

Nora Perry, MEd

Business Development Officer/Trainer

Nora designs and delivers business training with a focus on adult education and student entrepreneurship. She is spot on at identifying gaps in the entrepreneurial skills set, and honing in on strengths that can be channelled to take a business idea from good to great. She conducts research and evaluations to build workshops that are goal-focused, and tailored to the needs of our community: the young, the newly established, the business veterans.

Nora is a stickler for detail, and a natural planner with a background in business, financial management, human resources and adult education. She also co-owned a repair company and operated her own book keeping service, so she knows first-hand the kinds of things small business owners need to be aware of: knowledge that can make or break your success. She gets that time is a hot commodity, so you won’t come out of a workshop wondering why; you will leave knowing how.



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