Support Nova Scotia’s women in business:



What We Do

We support women in business at every stage of their business journey. We support women as they launch, establish and grow their business through exposure, connection and learning.


You might be thinking of starting your own business, or taking the reins in a corporate leadership role. Maybe you’re a student interested in exploring entrepreneurship as a career. Or, it could be that you’ve come up with a dynamite concept and business plan and you want to unveil it to the world.

Are you ready for what comes next? It’s okay if you’re not. Sometimes there’s a gap between the idea phase, and the feeling that the time has come to put your sign up and start selling your product or service or move to the corner office.

We understand and are here to help. We’ve got the tools and resources you need to not only survive that early stage of business, but to establish your business and thrive as a successful entrepreneur.


So you’ve executed your plan and now you’re in business. Congratulations! But the question you may now be asking yourself is: What comes next?

Do you want to grow your business to reach more customers? Do you want to take your leadership to a whole new level? Sometimes, it’s about finding untapped sources of revenue or internal processes that can be added or tightened up to help you reach your growth objectives. For others, one new business contact can open doors of opportunity you never knew exists.

That’s where we come in.


You’re at a place in your career where you know you’ve got what it takes to inspire others as a mentor or workshop leader.

When we’re seeking trainers, we look inside first. We go to our membership director and ask ourselves, who is the best person to speak on this topic? It might be you. But are you ready to take the podium with confidence? Often times, business and leadership experience alone isn’t enough to reach your full potential and motivate others. That’s why we offer events and workshops to help established leaders learn how to share their stories. Business pitch training, workshops on how to make impact using video, to become a better facilitator, and strategies for taking your business global are just some of the topics that we offer business owners who are ready to thrive in new ways.

We’re here to provide expert advice and support at every step.


What’s next?