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Tanya Priske

Executive Director


Tanya leads the team, and is on a mission to give every woman entrepreneur the opportunity to sit in front of a business expert and discuss their pain points; she wants more women to address those challenges by taking advantage of our resources: professional business training, advice, and opportunities for international growth. Tanya brings global and corporate connections into the mix, driving our community forward with big-picture strategies. The picture may be big, but her focus is on small business, a perspective she knows well as co-owner of a hospitality and real estate business. This, along with two decades in economic development and leadership have given her insight into what it takes to succeed in business.

In 2015, Diversity Canada Magazine has named Tanya to its Top 10 list of Canadian women who have taken the lead in advancing the status of women, Aboriginal and first nations communities, visible minorities, persons with disabilities, and the LGBTQ community.