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Welcoming our Grow Now Winter 2024 Cohort!

We would like to extend a warm welcome to the participants in our current session of our Grow Now program for women in tech. Our winter cohort includes fifteen tech founders from across Canada.   

Be sure to check out this incredible group below: 

Christine Ward-Paige, eOceans Research and Consulting Inc.

Marcie Hawranik, Equality 360


Mariah Pelley-Smith, Mariah International Business & Vitality Inc. (MIBV)


Pranata Chowdhury, Ugrow Learn


Sahar Sam, Wireless PnC Inc.


Marley Alles, rax


Siobhan Hamilton, Bread Technologies Inc.


Samira Khodadoost, Safe Harbour Research & Technologies Corp.


Olga (Olia) Stasiuk, Transformers Academy


Chris-Beth Cowie, Entrescope


Barbara Kephart, Projects Pivot, Inc.


Michelle Lehman, Think Self-Management Inc.


Samantha Bambrick, Alternative Routes Travel Inc


Tiona Corcoran, Probably Special Swim and Corporate Wear


Vanessa Lo, VanTech Med 


To learn more about this program, visit our Grow Now program page