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The CWB honored at inaugural gala for Canadian Women Entrepreneurs

Last Tuesday, May 30th the CWB was honoured to receive the Empowering Women in Business or Entrepreneurs Award from the inaugural Canadian Women Entrepreneur (CWE) Industry Gala. Our Executive Director, Tanya Priske accepted the award and was joined by CWB colleague, Laurie Sinclair, as well as guests from ACOA (Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency), MSVU President Joël Dickinson, and fellow award recipient WBE (Women Business Enterprises) Canada.  

This award is a testament to the continued equity revolution that women entrepreneurs, founders and CWB advisors advocate for daily. Our mission to ensure every woman entrepreneur and founder in Canada has the access, resources, and the support needed to build the business of her dreams is further emboldened by this recognition and the opportunities it provides to expand our network and reach. 

Congratulations to all the winners and to the CWE Industry Gala for hosting such a wonderful, vibrant event; we had a great time celebrating with everyone! 

If you would like to learn more about the CWE gala, check out their website: