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How One Funding Grant Allowed Local Business Owner, Anthea Taljaard to Launch her own Product Range and Explore her Creative Style.

The Eastern Shore’s Gallery first opened in July 2020, during the pandemic. Now in their third year of business owner, Anthea Taljaard and her wife, Julie Sockett have moved their business into the original 1880s St. Barnabas church located in Chezzetcook.  

The gallery is a 100% women owned, LGBTQ2+ business which represents over 30 local artists, and consists of a gallery space, ceramic studio, and a small South African Kitchen with an outdoor pergola.  

Anthea was one of the business owners selected to receive the Growth Incentive Funding Solution (GIFS) grant. Not only has it been hard to access funding as a woman entrepreneur, but Anthea faced additional challenges having immigrated from South Africa and experiencing barriers when approaching financial institutions. 

“The GIFS grant has allowed me to focus on developing my own artistic direction during the winter, and build ceramic pots, vases and Canadian tourism products. Having my own line of products in the gallery is a game changer for me, as it is more profitable, creatively stimulating, and allows the entire business to stabilize, and grow in an authentic direction.” 

Through this grant, Anthea can now think about the future of her business, “I’m hoping that through funding we can open an export market to the United States. We have registered as an exporter and are looking at furthering trade opportunities after the busy summer season.”  

Anthea would also love to get her products into hotel chains, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, and retail.  

On where Anthea would be without the grant; “I would be operating the gallery and dealing with the challenge of no travelers in the winter. Without this grant I would not have had the opportunity to creatively evolve my own products.”  

“I’m so grateful for what the Centre for Women in Business has done. It really means a lot when organizations understand the operational challenges business owners face. This grant was very effective to the bottom line of my business and provided the physical and emotional stimulus I needed to shift and work toward a stronger future here in Nova Scotia. I just want you to know I have so much heartfelt gratitude because of this opportunity.” 

If you are interested in a custom vase or planter you can reach out to Anthea  at  

Existing art and ceramics are available online at Eastern Shore’s Gallery or instore, located at 40 East Chezzetcook Road, Head of Chezzetcook.  


Eastern Shore’s Gallery
Eastern Shore’s Gallery 


Anthea Taljaard Pottery
Anthea Taljaard Pottery