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Virtual Power Lunch: Complaint is Not a Four Letter Word

December 13, 2022

11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Speaker: Sarah Delaney of BFD Retail Consulting

Learning Objectives:

Managing the Client Relationship and why customers complain & what to do about it when it happens; and it’s GOING to happen!

• Develop a Guiding Service Principle (GSP) that will:

  • provide a point of reference/guidepost in future client relationships
  • help develop & keep customer relationships strong
  • help you establish what actions to take to salvage customer relationships/experiences when things have not lived up to expectations

• Establish and document a step-by-step framework for approaching challenging customer situations so you can address complaints from a place of learning and confidence instead of fear and defensiveness

• Adopt an attitude of gratitude toward customers that complain and develop a system for processing things learned from these interactions


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