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 AMMP 2019

(Advanced Management & Mentoring Program)

Our Advanced Management and Mentoring Program is a 10-month series, and we are currently accepting applications for our 2019 programming. If you are interested in scaling the growth of your business this year, we’ll help you build systems, processes and key performance indicators to ramp up efficiencies and cost effectiveness in your operations.

Get ready for a combination of facilitated mastermind discussions, confidential peer-to-peer mentoring and skills development. There are four different streams to accommodate your needs, and you will be placed in the one that is best suited to your business goals. Each stream will meet for one full-day a month. The goal: To help fill gaps in each entrepreneur’s level of experience and skill set.

AMMP is our most in-demand training series to date, and offers participants the opportunity to accelerate business growth and enhance competitiveness now!

The cost to attend is $5,000 + tax. An application is required, and financial assistance may be available to those who qualify.


For more information, please contact:
Laurie Sinclair
(902) 457-5538

“AMMP was hands-down one of the very best training programs I have completed during my last 10 years in business. I found the peer-to-peer learning, content and guest facilitators to be wonderful. And not only did I learn a great deal from our fearless facilitator Laurie, I also felt that in her I had someone to whom I could ask questions on a range of business topics — from strategy to financing and back again.” – Eleanor

“One of my favourite things about the AMMP program is the ability to discuss issues we are facing as entrepreneurs. I had an HR issue that I was very concerned about. We explored the issue in a round-table discussion.. this helped me determine the underlying issue with my employee so I was able to feel more confident going into my meeting with her a few days later.” – Sheri


Strategic Growth Plan and Acquiring the Skill Set to Implement It



A Deeper Dive into the Skill Set Required to Execute a Competitive Strategic Growth Plan


“I didn’t expect to feel the way I do about being a part of such a group. As I was looking around the table yesterday, I thought about how amazing we all are; how interesting and diverse, and how we have still managed to become a family. I am grateful beyond words.” – Anonymous

“My participation in the AMMP program has been invaluable in terms of the new contacts that I have made resulting in increased knowledge of programs and supports for my business. An unexpected bonus has been the connection with the other women business owners who support and encourage each other.” – Pam