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How two women entrepreneurs joined forces during COVID-19

Kerry Maher has been a member with the CWB since 2017. She is the owner of Freshii in Scotia Square, a healthy fast food alternative. She also teaches golf and fitness.

Cheyenne Rose was a flight attendant for West Jet until COVID-19 hit. She found herself out of work so she started a new business of catering charcuterie boards – CheyCuterie.

Kerry and Cheyenne knew each other from their kids attending school together, but were really just acquaintances. This was until Kerry noticed Cheyenne’s new business on Facebook and Instagram. She was happy to see Cheyenne trying something new. They began chatting on Facebook, sharing business information with each other. Next, they went for a walk together to see if there were avenues they could pursue together.

Cheyenne started offering Freshii juices with her boards. Kerry provided CheyCuterie boards to her guests at a golf event she was hosting. A mutually beneficial exchange and partnership!

The moral of the story – women are stronger together. Both women were facing extreme challenges in the face of COVID-19. Kerry with Freshii temporarily closing and Cheyenne with the loss of her position at West Jet. They found a way to connect and help each others’ business.

When in doubt, reach out, be kind, and help!

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