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Marketing Momentum Bootcamp – Get more Leads & Clients – member event

November 29, 2022

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Kickstart your Business Growth with your very own “Ready-to-Go” Client Attracting Lead Magnet!

This is THE PATH to having a steady flow of clients without spending hours a day on your marketing. In this 2-week Bootcamp, you’ll learn:

Nov 29 – What’s keeping you from generating leads, and how to change that!

Dec 1 – To develop (or optimize) your own Lead Magnet with the 7 elements that get more signups and convert leads to clients!

Dec 5 – Create your Lead Magnet in a Day! Watch and learn as I show you how to use Canva and our Lead Magnet Templates (included for you) so you can easily create your own Branded, Customized, Professional and Effective Lead Magnet. No one will think your kids made it!

Dec 9 – Learn from Live reviews of two Lead Magnets created by participants and know your next steps to have your lead generation funnel working day and night seamlessly, building your list of qualified, prospective clients!

We offer a FREE and VIP Ticket ($47)–> Save 10% with coupon code: CWB

Contact information:

Kathy Colaiacovo