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Dawn Henwood Communications: COMMUNICATE TO CONNECT: How to build relationships through the power of writing

January 21, 2021

10:00 am - 11:00 am

Join Dawn Henwood of Dawn Henwood Communications Consulting for Communicate to connect: How to build relationships through the power of writing as part of the Halifax Chamber of Commerce Business Support Series.

In this interactive webinar, you’ll learn tips that will help your business thrive in the post-COVID-19 world. You’ll learn how to:

• make the mental shift from explaining science to engaging readers
• connect with your target audience in language that resonates with them
• build trust one writing goal at a time
• craft a prospecting email that sparks a conversation

The new normal of business development looks rather old-fashioned. We’ve gone back to the days before air travel connected us with prospects and potential funders from around the globe. Now, we’re depending once again on writing as the main tool to “get the word out” about innovative products and services.

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Dawn Henwood