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Corrie Melanson Consulting: Beyond Talk & Text: Facilitating Visual & Collaborative Processes Online

January 21, 2021

11:00 am

Price: $422.45

Shifting your meetings, events, or courses online? Struggling to adapt? Suffering from online meeting fatigue?

Join Corrie Melanson of Corrie Melanson Consulting for a 5-week intensive course on facilitating visual & collaborative processes online. Corrie will teach you the strategies you need to move beyond the mechanics of video conference to the dynamics of online collaboration, learning, inclusion, and engagement.

This 5-week intensive course is designed to help trainers, facilitators, and educators acquire and adapt interactive and visual tools for online gatherings that go beyond talk and text to enhance inclusion, focus, and effectiveness.

  • Acquire collaborative and visual online tools including decision-making, preparation, and follow-up to build trust and increase collaboration and efficiency
  • Explore and adopt best practices in online facilitation
  • Incorporate online meeting design principles into your training and facilitation
  • Manage online meetings including set-up, technology, and online tools
  • Create or adapt “face-to-face” workshops to be inclusive and engaging online
  • Translate knowledge and data into visual and creative formats that can be presented in engaging, easily understood, specific, and relevant ways

Each course includes:

  • 10 hours of group training online: 5 LIVE 2 hour sessions, once a week
  • Session recordings
  • Email support
  • 6 visual and collaborative decision-making templates
  • Sample host and participant guides
  • 30-minute 1-on-1 coaching call

Cost: $422.45 (15% discount for CWB members!) – Usually $497

Contact information:

Corrie Melanson