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Champion Foundational Change Agency: Champion Yourself to Wellness Series

June 16, 2021

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Join Ann-Marie Flinn of Champion Foundational Change Agency for the fifth workshop in her Champion Yourself to Wellness Series with the Halifax Chamber of Commerce.

Work stressing you out? Life in general? Having trouble keeping yourself and your employees feeling healthy and happy? Struggling staying consistent with your exercise, sleep, stress level and nutrition?

We know we need to eat better, sleep more, and exercise more. We know we need to take better care of ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally. But in this busy world we live in it can be difficult to stay consistent with living a healthy and balanced lifestyle

With all the noise in the media with quick fixes and fad programs, we may not clearly see how to Champion ourselves to improve our overall health and wellness. Up until now…

The Halifax Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Champion Foundational Change Agency to offer its members this FREE 5-part webinar series that provides you with impactful tips and tricks on the five biggest health issues that are impacting our performance and wellbeing in today’s busy world: nutrition, sleep, movement, stress reduction and overcoming unhealthy perfectionism.

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Ann-Marie Flinn