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MS Floria Aghdamimehr BScHE

Consultant, Coach, Speaker Recognize Your PotentialLeadership, Productivity & Trust
Cell Phone: 902-483-8400 Website:


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Recognize Your Potential creates and fosters a Growth Mindset. Floria Aghdamimehr, consultant, coach, trainer, has a Solutions base focus.

Floria is excited to work on Leadership Through People, Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills, and Trust.

Floria is your Co-Creative Partner to achieve your goals. She helps Reduce Costs, Build Trusting Relationships, Manage Change, and Increase Productivity while achieving greater Customer Satisfaction. She offers training on Engagement, Difficult Conversations Simplified, and Diversity & Inclusion. Floria, has developed Profit Unleashed program to enhance trust and respect, reduce absenteeism while building strong engaged team that collaborates, improves Productivity & Innovation!

“Create a Growth Mindset and build a competitive edge through your people

Here is a sample of her experience:

-Dalhousie University: “Work Well” initiative; Personal Leadership; Being a caring colleague- asking the right questions; Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills; Letting Go of Guilt; Gratitude at Work
-Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP): PTSD, Stress Management
-Trade Centre Limited: Diversity & Inclusion with senior management team
-ScotiaBank Centre: Diversity & Inclusion with front line ushers
-Correctional Services Canada: Managing Stress I, II, III
-Teachers Professional Development Conferences: Managing Change; Diversity & Inclusion; Managing Stress; ‘Filling Your Cup so You Can Pour More’
-Halifax Chamber of Commerce: Difficult Conversations Simplified
-TeamWork Cooperative: Interpersonal Communication; Confidence building series; Wellness; Assertive Communication at the Workplace
-Halifax Libraries: Mindfulness series of 7 sessions
-Nova Scotia Career Development Association: Managing Change & Stress for Productivity
-Mount Saint Vincent University: Assertive Communication at the Workplace
-Dalhousie Medical School (NB): Trust & Respect at the Workplace

Mindfulness has been the back drop for work for over three decades.

“Lead the business or organization you want rather than reacting to everyday!”

Floria’s perspective and foundation for her work:
• Creating a shift in attitude
• Corporate social responsibility
• Trust, Respect, Diversity & Inclusion
• Socially conscious

Floria has presented at numerous conferences and professional development events. She has been a contributor to NS Business Journal, the Chronicle Herald, The Business Voice, and other professional newsletters. She has been on BT (Breakfast Television) few times and interviewed for the Zoomer magazine.

Floria, is an active member of the Halifax Chamber of Commerce, serves on Creating a Positive Business Environment task force and co-chair of Business Development Network. She is past Chair of Community Health Board Leadership Council and Silent Witness NS. Floria serves on Ability Employers and is co-chair of Partners for Human Rights.

A healthy respectful workplace reduces absenteeism, presenteeism while building a strong engaged team that truly collaborates, and increases innovation. A Positive Corporate Culture will enhance everyone’s productivity and is crucial for an Eco-System of Innovation!