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Angela Barnard

Owner/Artisan The Fugly Soap CompanyHealth & Wellness
Home 8230 St. Margaret’s Bay Road Black Point NS B0J 1B0 Canada Cell Phone: 9028309602


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Well…here we are!! This is the crazy, sometimes normal, always funny Barnard family.  I’m Angela, and along with my husband Nathan, and our two children, Noah & Cali, we have the most amazing life on the South Shore of Nova Scotia! Noah is my copilot in this whole crazy soap thing!

My love for soap making came a long time ago, where I created soap and bath items for fun and gifts for those most special to me.  I really loved the craft, but any of you mothers out there know that when you get married and have a couple kids, you sometimes lose the things you loved once before.  I am a registered nurse, and spent so many years working and giving the best of myself to those who I thought needed me most…at work.  Now I want to give those who I love the best of me too!

I decided a couple years ago now, that Noah and I needed something that bonded us, as he spent most of his time with Nathan, and Cali with me.  I thought, well, there’s one thing for sure I know that I love to do, and I can teach it to someone else, so here goes.
Once we had that first batch of milk soaps curing, I knew I was going to make something of this and never give it up again!

I sometimes find it challenging to stay positive, and teach that to my children, and I have a lot of special people in my life.  I love to tell stories, and to make people laugh, and have a real love for reflextion on happy memories, so I make each soap specific to one of those.  I make them personal and dedicate almost every single one.  I hope when you use them, you can reflect on my dedication and experience the full meaning of why it looks and smells the way it does.

Each one of our soaps are produced right on Nova Scotia’s South Shore in Black Point and made in small batches to maintain quality.  The Fugly Soap Co.’s products are made from the purest, highest quality oils, butters, and essential oils sustainably produced, and personally blended with home made recipes trialed and tested on us, before sharing them with you.   We proudly produce natural handmade milk soaps sourced from local valley farmed goat’s, and of course have a coconut milk selection for our vegan friends too!

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