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About me

I am a survivor of Stage 4 Cancer. I am author and I have written over 16 books; my first book was published on Amazon in May of 2016. These are self help workbooks for students in college, and adults on financial, adjusting your life style, banking. frugal spending, back to reality, meals on budgets, etc.   The books are available on Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

I lived on the West Coast for 15 years and was going through some very hard times. I was also in the banking business prior to my move from the East Coast to the West Coast.

I moved back to Nova Scotia to restart my life over and was inspired by the Holy Spirit to do so. I took some classes on how to be debt free and I wound up helping the facilitator of the class develop the website and realized my calling was to help others through my experiences. You never no where God is going to plant your feet.

About my company

These are books/workbooks to help others on a budget or deal with different aspects of finances. Also, how to transition through change and hardships.  My motto is Rebuilding lifestyles through frugal methodologies is imperative.






The Centre for Women in Business Guest and Panel Discussion

The 3 areas were Connecting, Learning, and Exposure.

The panel was Nora, Danielle, Carvell, Georgina, Mona and I.

It was an honor to be part Learning and Training Guest Panelist at the Women in Business Breakfast on May 25th, 2017. The discussion and brainstorming this morning regarding learning and training for businesses was an amazing plethora of information.  As we reflect upon an icon or non-iconic individual who we admire and are making a huge impact locally or internationally. We looked at the platforms they have and how basically we can learn from them. It was an opportunity to see how we can look at our business through a different lens.  As we dialogue we realized that we had a lot of the same concerns regarding learning and training individually and on a broader scale. There were an array of topics discussed and it was an awesome insightful and significant which may be beneficial to our business platforms.


Danielle MacNeil Business Development Officer- The Centre for Women in Business-Mount Saint Vincent University. 

As women in business flourish it is so important to know the things that will help you gain knowledge or to grow based on your industry. Topics of discussion were confidence, marketing, finances, multi-media platforms, business planning, pitch, media, vision, story catcher, marketing, and so much more.

This province has so many entities that are willing to help you through training, classes, mentoring, and will provide the necessary tools to get you started. You would be amazed at the number of people and organizations who are willing to help you on your journey whether it is start up or moving forward. Don’t be afraid to venture out and try new things. Use your fear as fuel to get the ball rolling.

Why training is so important: