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High Growth Program (AMMP)

If you are interested in scaling the growth of your business this year, our Advanced Management and Mentoring Program (AMMP) is perfect for you. We'll help you build systems, processes and key performance indicators to ramp up efficiencies and cost effectiveness in your operations through a 10-month series, beginning annually in January. 

AMMP addresses the reality that women business owners are confronted with complex challenges and opportunities and can benefit from coaching, mentorship and opportunities to participate in skills development. AMMP focuses on defining best practices, introducing customized solutions, maximizing growth potential, and catalyzing innovation and profitability. 

There are four streams (one, two, three, four) - you will be placed in the one that is best suited to your business goals and entrepreneurial status. Each stream meets for one full day a month and participates in the annual retreat in October. 

AMMP is our most in-demand training series to date and offers participants the opportunity to accelerate business growth and enhance competitiveness now. 

Program Highlights

  • Monthly sessions including a morning of facilitated peer-to-peer learning and afternoon interactive workshop or keynote speaker
  • Progress check-ins on skills implemented throughout the program through peer sessions and/or one-on-one business advisories with our High Growth Specialist, Laurie Sinclair
  • Annual retreat in October

The cost to register is $5,000 + tax. An application is required. Financial assistance may be available to those who quality. 

Apply now!

The program begins annually in January. 

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