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Leaders who are ready to thrive.

You know who you are: You’re at a place in your career where you know you’ve got what it takes to inspire others as a mentor or workshop leader.

When we’re seeking outside trainers, we look inside first: we go to our membership directory and ask ourselves, who is the best person to speak on this topic? Who is able to help us deliver the skills our clients need to have in their business toolbox?

It might be you. But are you ready to take the podium with confidence? Often times, business and leadership experience alone isn’t enough to reach your full potential and motivate others. Even as a veteran entrepreneur, you don’t know what you don’t know, that’s why we offer events and workshops created to help established leaders polish and refine their skills, and do a better job of sharing their stories. Business pitch training, workshops on how to make an impact using video, to become a better facilitator, and strategies for taking your business global are just some of the topics we offer established business owners and seasoned leaders who are ready to thrive in brand new ways.

Have you ever thought about finding a mentor through our Advanced Management and Mentoring Program [AMMP], or exploring markets outside of our Canadian borders through supplier diversity training?

You don’t have to answer that now, but if you know you’re ready to kick-start the growth of your business, let’s talk!

We’re here to provide expert advice, and support you at every step of the journey.

We also host the Atlantic chapter of the Women Presidents Organization, a prestigious non-profit membership organization for women presidents of multi-million dollar companies. Like WPO, we’re committed to bringing the “genius out of the group”, and we’ll start by helping you create a personal definition for the word thrive, and a vision for what you’d like that next phase of your business to look like.


Chocolatiers carry out an age-old tradition of creating sweet surprises in flavors limited only by their imaginations.

The team at Appleton Chocolates in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, lives and breathes that tradition, but with a distinctly sweet, Nova Scotian twist.

Appleton Chocolates is owned and operated by Heather Foote and her husband, Michael. They’re best known for their maple and wild blueberry chocolates and, to their knowledge, they are the only company in the world that makes them. Their signature product is a truffle made of hand rolled maple fondant of locally sourced maple syrup, and mixed with different ingredients such as wild blueberries, cherries, cranberries and other flavors. They’re dipped twice in French dark, Belgian milk or white chocolate.


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