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Today is the day.

You might be thinking of starting your own business, or taking the reins in a corporate leadership role. Maybe you’re a student interested in exploring entrepreneurship as a career. Or, it could be that you’ve come up with a dynamite concept and business plan, and you want to unveil it to the world.

Are you ready for what comes next? It’s okay if you’re not. Sometimes there’s a gap between the idea phase, and the feeling that the time has come to launch your business, or ramp up your leadership potential: to move to the corner office, or put up your sign and start selling your product or service.

We understand.

We’re a team of entrepreneurs and business professionals who have been down this road before; we know that gaps in your skills set can undermine your goals, and the overall health of your business.

It might be a limited understanding of financial management, social media marketing, or best practices in human resources.

As a start-up, a lack of knowledge in these areas and more can make or break your staying power. Don’t let it. We’ve got the tools and resources you need to not only survive that early stage of business, but to grow and thrive as a successful entrepreneur or intrapreneur within an organization.

Our certificate training series takes on all of the key start-up topics, and is offered at no cost to members. Our customized workshops are designed to address the challenges new entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders bring to us on a daily basis.

Not only that, there is strength in numbers; in being in a room filled with women who, like you, are launching a business, or are veteran entrepreneurs with vital insight into the process. This is the kind of inspiration you need to keep moving in the right direction. Our monthly networking breakfasts are just one opportunity to make those important connections, and they are free to members.

So let’s get started! Book a free, confidential advisory session with one of our business development officers.


Chocolatiers carry out an age-old tradition of creating sweet surprises in flavors limited only by their imaginations.

The team at Appleton Chocolates in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, lives and breathes that tradition, but with a distinctly sweet, Nova Scotian twist.

Appleton Chocolates is owned and operated by Heather Foote and her husband, Michael. They’re best known for their maple and wild blueberry chocolates and, to their knowledge, they are the only company in the world that makes them. Their signature product is a truffle made of hand rolled maple fondant of locally sourced maple syrup, and mixed with different ingredients such as wild blueberries, cherries, cranberries and other flavors. They’re dipped twice in French dark, Belgian milk or white chocolate.


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