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Message from Tanya Priske, Executive Director

August 2017

The Value of the Team

Tanya Priske

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." -- Helen Keller

This month's BizBeat profile inspires me. 

Karen Furneaux, and her company, I Promise Performance, strives to help people gain good performance habits, and improve existing ones.  Karen, a well-decorated althlete, knows the critical skills it took her to become the best in her sport, and is translating that into her business life!

I loved playing sports throughout my school life: track, volleyball, basketball, softball.  But perhaps what I loved even more was being part of a team.  I learned to play different positions that helped me to understand multi-disciplinary work, and the importance of pitching in where needed. 

As a team, we created synergies and helped those who were not as strong become better players.  We learned to be flexible and respond to change, especially if our opponent’s abilities called for it.   We learned equity; a sense of achievement and especially camaraderie.

The drive to compete has obviously followed me from my younger years.  As a woman in business and a leader at the Centre, I want nothing more than the best for our team and our clients.   As in sports, I keep moving forward even in times of defeat.  I never believe in black and white.  I like to see business as ‘grey’ – always finding a solution or an opportunity. 

As Karen says in her profile, you need to find a support team and learn through others.  Just like in Aesop’s The Fox and the Lion, don’t be afraid to engage in discussions with unfamiliar people. You don’t know what knowledge they may impart that may hold another key to your success!

For the past 25 years, we at the Centre have continued to offer advisories to business owners at every stage of the entrepreneurial journey, all with the aim of advancing your business.  As an advisor, we can’t do it for you, but we can certainly point your business in the right direction.  Let us become part of your team!  Or let us help you make a new connection.

Taking time off is good for your mental and physical health, and science has proven it!   It reduces stress, increases productivity, prevents heart disease and promotes better sleep.  I hope you have taken time this summer to rejuvenate your inner self! 

Happy August!

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