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Message from Tanya Priske, Executive Director

June 2017

The Impact of True Leadership

Tanya Priske

Since we opened our doors 25 years ago, the Mount has been our home. 

However, it was just two short years ago that we strengthened the bond with the campus community, and moved into the new McCain Centre.  Being a part of a facility designed specifically to celebrate the role women have played in shaping our society has given us far more on-campus integration – more than any our current staff can recall.   

Under the leadership of Dr. Ramona Lumpkin, this building became a reality.  Under her leadership, the Centre has been able to advance our mission to support women business owners.

Since 2010, Dr. Lumpkin’s role as President and Vice-Chancellor of the Mount has been making a difference.   Her advocacy on behalf of women’s issues, and in promoting the role of women in higher education, is unmistakable.  

On campus, she is known for her quiet demeanor; as someone who acknowledges staff and students in her own appreciative and respectful way. Her creativity is apparent in how she motivates her team to tap into their potential.  She has created extraordinary results for the Mount while remaining true to what our university stands for.  For all of that, Dr. Lumpkin is, in our opinion, a remarkable leader. 

True leadership is earned by having an impact, a lasting influence, and a significant effect on those around you.

15304615_10153886978511621_7495488538795835208_oIn November 2016, we received a gift  of $500,000 from RBC. 

Never, in the 25-year history of the Centre, have we received a private donation of that size.   Proudly standing on the stage accepting the donation with Dr. Lumpkin was humbling.  

Not only has she shown a dedication to building a future for the Mount, she has helped create opportunities for young women students who want to further their career goals, and build their own leadership styles. 

So it is with sadness that I am writing this message today; not only will we be losing a wonderful President this month, but a friend to all of us at the Centre. 

Dr. Lumpkin, we wish you all the best in your retirement.

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