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DiannaRievajJan. 25: No Time Like the Present to Stand Up for Your Business    

The potential points of failure for a small business are unfortunately many.  Interestingly, in many cases, the business is not in the wrong.  Why, then does the business lose out? - Dianna M. Rievaj, LLB, MBA

9b8ed48b72143a07760ed341b5386cc0Dec. 19 2016: Tips for Choosing a Tropical Vacation

As soon as the weather starts to get colder my phone starts to ring a lot more for southern vacations. Here is a little of what you should know about each destination when considering what may be of interest to you. - Autumn Fiske   


Oct. 3, 2016: HollyMorganExperiencing the Versatility of Business in Rural Nova Scotia

Discovering the resilience and magnetism of small business in small town Nova Scotia. - Holly Morgan

ChristelleWardAugust 23, 2016: Women Breaking the Glass Ceiling: What I Learned From My Co-op Experience with the Centre

Women who work with the Centre aren’t just hammering cracks into the glass ceiling; I have seen them completely shatter it. - Christelle Ward 

Anita-Hovey-Kirkbride-Social-Media-Consultant-2-200x300July 21, 2016: What I Learned on a Trade Mission to Jamaica

If you’ve only been to the Caribbean on vacation, you may have a skewed view of the region. Here are the top takeaways from my first business trip to Jamaica. - Anita Kirkbride 

NoraPerryJune 30, 2016: Charting Your Course 

Not every business idea is a good idea! My role is not to agree or disagree, but to help you determine the viability of the idea. - Nora Perry  

 Denise Alison02May 3, 2016: The Fear

"The dream is free, the hustle is sold separately." - Denise Alison 

Tanya PriskeApril 20, 2016:  Why You Should Start Attending Supplier Diversity Events Now

I can’t stress it enough to business owners looking to create new customers: it takes work, and it is an investment you need to make. - Tanya Priske

Kayla Sutherland_smApril 15, 2016: The Entrepreneur’s Daughter: Inspiring the Next Generation 

When I was younger, I watched my mother work hard, long hours to make her business what it is today, and as I got older I had the luxury of working alongside her. It was then when I saw what it really takes to be the driving force that runs a business. - Kayla Sutherland

Jennifer StewartApril 8, 2016:  5 Ways To Find Your Sparkle

Where do you start to find your sparkle? Here are five simple tools that can help jump start your journey. - Jennifer Stewart

CWB_headshots_0334March 29, 2016:  Inside DX3: Tribes, Trends & the Trump Narrative


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