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LisaHaydonApril 26, 2017: Mastering Confidence

What's the secret sauce to knowing how to show up the way we want? - Lisa Haydon, Founder, PivotalCoaching


b69ce2b248fa68526336a5133430364bApril 26, 2017: The Importance of Finding Your Business Niche

If someone asked you to name the one thing your company does exceptionally well, what would your answer be? - By Kim Scaravelli, Founder, Trust Communications

Penny MacAuleyApril 20, 2017: Being an Older Entrepreneur

Tips on the first few years. - Penny MacAuley, Founder, Penelope's Boutique

6755941April 3, 2017: Kickstart Your Brand

A clear value proposition is the beginning, but it doesn’t end there. - Jane Mitchell, Founder, Oyster Promo Inc.

_Gail-Godreau_headshotMarch 2, 2017: Investing in Your Most Important Business Relationship

So many people – especially women – are working so hard to find “work-life balance!” In fact, I suggest that there is no such thing. - Gail Godreau, Lighthouse Wellness Strategies 

DiannaRievajJan. 25: No Time Like the Present to Stand Up for Your Business    

The potential points of failure for a small business are unfortunately many.  Interestingly, in many cases, the business is not in the wrong.  Why, then does the business lose out? - Dianna M. Rievaj, LLB, MBA

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